The Bloomyt project was developed by the founders of Laboratori Fabrici, a 3 years old company that creates IoT-ready smart devices, which have achieved incredible success worldwide and received investments from top Silicon Valley VCs and the European Union.

After winning the most prestigious competitions with the biggest IoT brands they found a problem yet not solved and decided to craft a unique solution that will revolutionize the whole industry.

The Bloomyt project aims in fact at the development of an innovative solution targeting both IoT brands and customers to create a decentralized platform where companies and clients can collaborate to create IoT products that can satisfy the customer’s need, taste and expectation and thanks to that, drive sales and data.

Bloomyt is in fact a decentralized hub, which helps people to get more confident towards their IoT devices thanks to blockchain technology which provides security, transparency and scalability. It also provides rewards to users that share their data with companies or recommend their IoT products and the app can be the command center and interact with all the IoT products in the user’s home no matter the producer.

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